Specialized Practice Area

Commercial and Corporate Matters

We regularly take tough criminal cases to court and win. Our lawyers find creative solutions to difficult problems and have guide many clients to favourable resolutions before trial

The right response to a crisis requires a cohesive team aquipped to immediately respond in an organized and strategic manner on multiple fronts, before issues become framed and fixed in the public mind. To handle them, We draws on the full range of our skills and resoureces, collaborating with lawyers in other practice groups, allowing us to work with clients in almost every business sector in a wide array of substantive areas that includes :

  1. Financial Crime
  2. Money Laundering
  3. Bribery & Corruption
  4. Embezzlement & Fraud
  5. Bankruptcy Fraud
  6. Securities & Accounting Fraud
  7. Forgery
  8. Cyber Crime
  9. Tax and Customs Crime
  10. Immigration Criminal Defense
  11. Infrastructure, Projects and Utilities
  12. Merger and Acqusition Transactions
  13. Hospitality and Leisures
  14. Capital Market

We always prepare for " X Factors" that inevitably arise in such high-stakes and high-profile matters. We give legal and strategic advice for responding to crises both inside and outside the courtroom, and we have substantial experience operating in the public relations arena - a skill that has become essential to resolving the most serious and fast-moving white-collar legal challenges.

Agus Askin Harta Mulya, S.H., M.H.


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