Pro Bono

We understand that not everybody are financially wealthy, and thus, we provide services for those who needs legal services but can’t afford the fee. We are commited to provide the best services for our clients, in order to bring about justice for the general public.

Pro Bono Cases

HAS also engaged in meaningful pro bono work aimed not only at the public good yet also to set a legal breakthrough on national law, under the following issue headings:

  1. Representing Mr. Johanes , in case of criminal lawsuit filed by his own son regarding the embezzlement of his very owned HAS has also carved out a new jurisprudence on civil law that the assets purchased by parents on behalf of their children will remain to become the property of their parents as they are still alive
  2. Representing Mr. Mahamark Erwin, regarding the allegation of malpractice committed by the hospital for eye surgery
  3. Representing Mr. Kensky Rottie, a 9 years old child experienced in malpractice committed by the hospital for tonsillectomy
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