HARTAMULYA, ANDRYANUS & SIAHAAN work in honest, transparent and professional manner. Dedication to integrity is the fundamental value of our firm as well as our method in upholding the reputations of our clients


HARTAMULYA, ANDRYANUS & SIAHAAN would be pleased to handling any of your legal cases or to participate in your vital projects.

About Us

HARTAMULYA, ANDRYANUS & SIAHAAN, is an Indonesia full-service law firm founded by experienced lawyers who currently has possessed an adequate qualification in handling many fields of legal matters that faced by its clients

HARTAMULYA, ANDRYANUS & SIAHAAN always work efficiently and effectively which theh not only resulted to the good quality of the work result, but also to the more reasonable and affordable of its legal professional fee. We are commited to assist clients to improve business performance and achieve a competitive advantage through effective legal strategy. The firm offers legal and advisory service that provide creative insights and innovative problem-solving capabilities to assist in astute desicion-making, sustainable and effectiveness of productivity and mitigating business risk.

We have different views in terms of business law. We believe law is something that is abstract but in fact tangible in the business' world. Law and business are inseparable. From our point of view, law is not a barrier of obstacle to the business, but somehow shallow understanding produce unsustainable and even cease the business' spirit to moving foward, which we see many legal consultants trap in this situation. We value our client's businesses and therefore we put our utmost attention to every transaction and attempt robust solution for the sake of the business strategy and interest of our clients. The main purposes are to obtain sustainability and efficiency in bussiness.


As a dynamic to firm. We pride ourselves on being:

Every Client is Exclusive

You will have issues and needs that are unique. These differences, commercial or personal pressures, will always be high in our minds: we have a collective sense of responsibility towards the people, not just the institutions we serve.


Strategic thinking is always at the forefront of our minds. As a firm with expertise in various practice areas, we are able to provide comprehensive legal advice for a full spectrum of complex transactions. We maintain a holistic approach in assigning relevant lawyers for different parts of a transaction, which ensures that our clients are provided best practical legal solution that can be applied. We focus only on the battles worth winning and on getting the deal done, and do not engage in unnecessary point scoring.

Commercial and Trusted Advisor

We strive to be our clients' trusted business advisors by fully understanding our clients' business and objectives so that we can offer practical and commercially viable advice that will help assist in realizing our clients' goals and visions based on the legal, regulatory and commercial environments within which they operate. We cut through the legalese and deliver clear guidance.



Business services


Energy, Utilities and Natural resources


Financial Institutions and Investors

Financial services

Food, Farming and Fisheries

Government, Public sector and Not-for-profit


Hospitality and Leisure





Pharmaceuticals and Bioscience

Real estate

Retail and Wholesale

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Transport, Logistics and Distribution


Initial Engagement

  • a. Preliminary Forecast Documents
  • b. Engagement and Granting Power of attorney


Collecting Data and Documents


Examination And Analysis


Case and Preparation


Execution to Victory


"He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared" — Sun Tzu

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